Home improvement is an expensive project that not everyone can afford. It’s natural for people to be worried when putting their most valuable asset in the hands of a contractor. What if that contractor has over two decades of experience and has some of the most professional members of the home improvement directing the project. Would you trust them then?

Don’t worry because Bertoglio Home Improvements makes it their business to guarantee complete satisfaction in every project and that at an affordable price.

How are we able to offer prices this low?

Well . . . it’s because we don’t offer one-design-for-all types of renovation or remodeling. Since our aim is to keep the customer happy and satisfied, we offer customized solutions where clients can make their own designs with the help of our contractors.

Our service does not end here. In fact, we have a surprise for first-time home improvers. To provide new comers the ease of going through such a big project, we have come up with special packages that will allow them to get specific services done in a reasonable price. The biggest package offered is for Dormers and additions, where we offer unique designs that are energy efficient.

A dormer is a great way to reduce your energy cost and add something extra to your house’s exterior. These windows add to your house’s aesthetic appeal and also reduce costs. They are an energy efficient way to light up your house.

So what is in our packages that set us apart from our competitors?

It’s the quality of our products used in dormers and additions that make sure that our new comers get the best. After all, we also want to make a great first impression.

Are you expecting a new addition to your family or just want to expand your house? No matter what the reason, you can easily afford the extension because we also cover that in our special package. Need a secret room in your house as your getaway from reality? We can make it happen. Trying to start a work shop and need and extra wing? We can make it happen. Want a personal art room? We can make it happen! Whatever your demand, we are ready to work according to your plans.  

You can even seek advice from our contractors and they will guide you through the plan and explain to you how your dream will come together. We have a different team of specialists who know how to design dormers according to a house’s structure, so that the addition looks seamless. As for the extensions, for that too we have specialists who have several years of experience. In short: You can trust us with the job as we have different teams of professionals for every service, so that each member can commit fully to the job assigned to them.

To know further about our packages, you can call us at 516-280-5500 or email your inquires at bhidormers@gmail.com. Our office is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.

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