What is the first thing that people notice about your house from afar? It’s the roof that leaves a good impression and gives your house a proper look. Bertoglio Home Improvements is not your average home improvement service. Our expertise encompasses all kinds of exterior and interior home remodeling. Our highly professional contractors have all the expertise required to diagnose, repair and install any type of commercial and residential project.

It all comes down to whether you want a modern, classic or Stepford house appearance. From stone slates to shingles and clay tiles, there is a huge range of roofing materials that can be used to transform your house. Whether your roof is flat or slanted, we have got all the materials to not only repair but also remodel your roof. While most people go for shingles because it can be easily installed, there’s no harm in browsing other materials too. Our aim is to offer satisfaction and therefore, whatever material you choose, our professionals will get the job done in record time and within your budget.

As one of the best home improvement services in Long Island, we have done several successful jobs in the past two decades. With roofing down, the next thing you need to think about giving your house that final finish is its siding. Though wood siding is most people’s top choice but now a day’s, people are looking for a stronger material that will not only add to their house’s exterior but will also last longer. Our advice to you: Vinyl siding. Vinyl does not require any up keep and has that wood-like look that gives you aesthetics and durability in one material.

To make sure that your house is protected in severe weather conditions; our professionals install the siding and the roof with an extra layer of insulation. This layer of insulation increases the house’s exterior walls R-value, which keeps the house cool. You might have heard horror stories about roofs dripping water into the attic and ceilings collapsing. To prevent you from experiencing the same horror, we use only high quality materials that come with a guarantee.

Some of the roofing materials in our range that provides safety from hurricanes include asphalt shingles, stone slate and clay tiles. These materials can last from three to eight decades, which makes them the strongest roofing materials. These materials are waterproof and can withstand a constant downpour. However, they are only effective when they are installed by an experienced contractor.  

This is where Bertoglio Home Improvement comes in. Before starting any project, we will give you a detailed plan that will tell you how the project will proceed. The techniques used by our contractors have been practiced over hundreds of time leaving no room for error. No matter how delicate the material, we have the equipment, as well as the experience to handle it with great care. Rest assured you will fall in love with the end result.

To know more about our roofing and siding home improvement materials, call us at 516-280-5500.