Dormers Additions Nassau County NYBertoglio Home Improvements specializes in dormers and additions and are dedicated to increasing and improving your living space for more comfort, and interior as well as exterior aesthetic appeal. We have completed various dormer and addition projects over the years on Long Island. This has given us the experience, as well as the guidance to handle all kinds of challenges. No design is impossible to us and we are ready to take on any kind of dormer addition, home addition, remodeling or construction project. When you become our client, it becomes imperative that we provide you with the ultimate quality construction that resembles your dream.


Imagine a safe haven that you have built in your attic. It’s a place where you find peace from your family. Now imagine this place awash with bright light in the early morning. Sounds wonderful right? That is exactly what we are aiming for.
A dormer is basically a small structural edition to the house that protrudes from a sloping roof. They are either present in the original construction or can be added later. They have only one purpose: To create useful living space in the attic by adding windows and more headroom. It’s like adding another bedroom to your house that is more private. Most people like to turn their attic dormers into comfy little rooms they can escape to when they want some alone time. You can even turn it into a large closet if you are a shopaholic. The possibilities are endless and we are ready with pencil and paper to get started on the design.


Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Are you now thinking about adding an addition to your house? Whether a new family member has joined you or you want space for your new workshop, an addition is the best way to go. Three of the biggest benefits they offer are affordability, a transformation for your house, and an increase in its market value.
Our additions do not just involve the addition of a building. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to bring a unique change in your house. What once was a small corridor can be changed into a huge living room when the walls come down or you can add a patio in the new area. It’s really up to you on what side you would like the addition on. Our experienced contractors will guide you on how you can make your living space more spacious when adding the building.
Before the extension begins, a floor plan is created that shows how an addition will look in your house. We also offer our clients the opportunity come with their own blue print designs if they have special needs.
From the moment you make a call and ask for advice to the final walk through of the entire process, we guarantee a great experience that you will never forget. We even have special dormers and addition packages for new comers. For further information about our dormers and additions home improvement service, call us at 516-280-5500.